Roberto Gorelli points our attention at a recently published meteor related paper:

Status of the IAU Meteor Data Center

This article has been submitted by Regina Rudawska, Mária Hajduková, Tadeusz J. Jopek, Luboš Neslušan, Marián Jakubík, Ján Svoren.


Abstract: Since 2007, the Meteor Data Center (MDC) has had two components: the ”Orbital database” (OD) and the ”Shower database” (SD). The orbital part is in charge of the efficient collection, checking, and dissemination of geocentric parameters and orbits of individual orbits. It also acts as a central depository for meteoroid orbits obtained by different techniques: photographic, television, video, CCD and radar.
The shower database collects the geocentric and orbital parameters of the meteor showers and meteoroid streams. It is not an archive of all information related to meteor showers, its primary task is to give unique names and codes to new meteor showers (streams). The SD acts in conjunction with the Working Group on Meteor Shower Nomenclature of International Astronomical Union (IAU) Commission F1, ”Meteors, Meteorites, and Interplanetary Dust”.
In our paper, we give a concise description of the IAU MDC database, its origin, structure and, in particular, the current requirements for the introduction of new orbital and shower data.

You can download this paper for free: (12 pages).


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