Past few years a team of Croatian amateurs developed and tested the Raspberry Pi Meteor Station (RMS). Since October 2018 the cameras are offered for sale and the RMS rapidly spread worldwide. The data from the RMS cameras are collected and analyzed within the Global Meteor Network. The purpose is that clusters of RMS stations form local camera networks around the world in order to collect 7/7 and 24/24 multiple station meteor events which allow orbit and trajectory calculations. This way no meteor shower outbursts will escape from scientific reliable coverage.

The RMS meteor cameras are offered for sale, tested and delivered plug-and-play. It comes with its own brand new developed detection and calibration software which is way ahead on existing meteor detection systems. The data collected by the Global Meteor Network is being analyzed and meteor trajectories and orbits are made publicly available as well as all the GMN software.

You can find all information about the RMS cameras and its different types offered for sale, the Global Meteor Network and IstraStream on the following webpages:

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