Web pages managed by SonotaCo, who makes software for meteor observation.

SonotaCo Home Page (English)
Includes links to the software packages UFOCapture, UFOAnalyzer, and UFOOrbit.

SonotaCo Orbits
All the orbit data obtained by SonotaCo listed per year since 2007.

About SonotaCo.com (English)
Name, E-mail, and Address of the WebMaster who identifies as “Hitomi Kanamori.”

SonotaCo BBS (Discussion forum, English)
The discussion forum addresses UFOCapture and all other SonotaCo software.

How to use SonotaCo BBS (Japanese with English annotation)
Annotations in English explain how to register for, and participate in, the discussion forum.

SonotaCo Author’s Observation Page (English)
The page shows sample images of meteors and sprites. The page explains, “SonotaCo is a person who makes software for nature observation as his hobby.”

UKMON has also done great work putting together guides on setting up meteor stations
Introduction to CCTV meteor observation
Meteor Data Analysis guide
UFO Capture Recommended Configuration