9  The Automatic Mode: AutoCAMS & CamsGui

(By Steve Rau – version 28 February 2018)

This includes 3 extra files:

  • LaunchCapture.exe: needed for automated launching of cams.
  • CamsGUI.exe: a graphical user interface that simplifies the use of the cams programs.
  • CamsGUI.ini: file with settings used in both executables.

These files must be placed in the Cams folder.

The goal here is to let cams be automated. Capturing will start each evening and stop each morning. Calibration will be executed and applied to the FTP_detectinfo. Other processes will be automated too.

Important, your first steps are to get cams running, as long as Cams is not working, this won’t help you!!

This means that you already followed Chapter 4 , Chapter 5 and Chapter 6.