7.8 Reporting your CAMS data to the network coordinator

The data should been reported by mail as soon as possible to the Benelux network operator. As the network coordinator receives data from many stations and in order to administer all these mails efficiently the reporting format is kept as simple and straightforward as possible:

Send to:

  • Carl Johannink: c.johannink at t-online.de
  • Martin Breukers: camsnederland at ziggo.nl

Subject: Date and camera numbers

  • Example: Night 10-11 October 2017, 383-809

Attachment: zip file with ALL calibration files used together with the DetectInfo file obtained from the Confirmation routine.

The Benelux CAMS network holds a solid reputation having all participating camera operators transferring their data within about 24 hours to the network coordinator. Some manage even to report within hours after the observing night. The discipline of all participants is rewarded with regular ‘discoveries’ of enhanced activity, outburst, new minor showers or peculiar events such as fireballs. A frequent and detailed feedback from the network operator keeps the motivation strong. During holidays participants report their absence to the network operator so that intermediate analyzes can be made with the data of the remaining active CAMS stations.

7.8.1 Miscellaneous

  • Recent news is posted on the CAMS website: http://cams.seti.org/(!)
  • CAMS 385 website: http://www.astrolab.be/cams/
  • Some CAMS operators created an e-mail account reserved for CAMS related mails. This can be easily done with gmail: cams.grapfontaine at gmail.com, cams.texel at gmail.com, etc
  • Some CAMS stations share the pictures of meteors via a Google+ webpage connected to their account.
  • The CAMS BeNeLux group has also a Facebook group to share news and pictures: https://www.facebook.com/groups/432897660237082/
  • Results and reports obtained by CAMS BeNeLux are often shared on the website meteornews.net.