Roberto Gorelli points our attention at a recently published meteor related paper:

Analysis of the dynamical evolution of the Quadrantid meteoroid stream

This article has been submitted for publication by G.E. Sambarov, T.Yu. Galushina and O.M. Syusina. 

Abstract: We investigate numerically the dynamical evolution of simulated meteoroid stream of the Quadrantids ejected from the parent body of the asteroid (196256) 2003 EH1. The main goal of this work is to identify mean motion and secular resonances and to study the mutual influence of resonance relations and close encounters with the major planets. Since the dynamics of this asteroid is predictable only on short time intervals, and not only close and/or multiple close encounters with major planets, but also the presence of at least one unstable resonance can lead to chaotic motion of test particles, we studied their resonant dynamics. The dynamical evolution of the test particles expects possible scenario for resonant motion. We conjecture that the reasons of chaos are the overlap of stable secular resonances and unstable mean motions resonances and close and/or multiple close encounters with the major planets. The estimate of the stability of orbits in which the particles in simulations moved was carried out by analyzing the behavior of the parameter MEGNO (Mean Exponential Growth factor of Nearby Orbits). The larger part of the identified resonances is stable. We found a peculiar behavior for this stream. Here, we show that the orbits of some ejected particles are strongly affected by the Lidov–Kozai mechanism that protects them from close encounters with Jupiter. Lack of close encounters with Jupiter leads to a rather smooth growth in the parameter MEGNO and the behavior imply the stable motion of simulation particles of the Quadrantids meteoroid stream.

You can download this paper for free: (25 pages).


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