The Perseids appear with the Moon in a phase that will not disturb observing in 2023, a year many people may see their first shooting stars ever and may be wondering where these natural fireworks come from.

Beste night to watch is August 12-13, but also the post maximum night August 13-14 and pre maximum night 11-12 August offer good chances to catch some meteors at the sky. In past years this very well known meteor shower surprised experienced meteor observers with unexpected outbursts, last seen in 2021 on August 13-14.

Watching falling stars requires a transparant dark sky. Do not expect to see many or any single meteor under street lights or at grey light polluted skies. If you want to see meteors, go to a dark place in the country side, the mountains or anywhere you can see a dark sky with countless stars. The better the contrast at the sky, the more meteors will catch your attention. Be well prepared as it gets cold at night even during summer, take a comfortable chair to look at the sky and keep warm with a blanket or sleeping back. Rates get best after midnight, especially towards the morning hours. Some food and warm drink may help you through the night to watch the best hours in the morning.

José Madiedo (Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía,  IAA-CSIC) prepared a nice outreach video about the Perseid meteor shower in August 2023:

The English version:


The Spanish version: