The weather forecast for September 5/6 was excellent and provided a good opportunity to study the late Aurigids, the early September Epsilon Perseids, and the mysterious Chi Cygnids. The night came as promised with calm and clear weather, and temperatures around +10 degrees Celsius. As soon as I was ready to start my observations, the meteors started to flow. 5 meteors were seen during the first 7 minutes of the observation, among them a +2-mag, red, slow-moving Chi Cygnid, moving from Cygnus towards Cassiopeia. 18 minutes later, another good candidate for this shower appeared with a +5-mag meteor in Cepheus. Also, the Aurigids showed activity the first hour, with a really nice +0-mag meteor that shot through Cassiopeia at 22:34 UT. My first September Epsilon Perseid of the year came seconds later, with a +4-mag meteor in Perseus. Other highlights of the hour were a fast +2-mag Sporadic in Andromeda, and a long-pathed, red, +2-mag Antihelion meteor that crossed a great portion of the sky.

16 minutes into the second hour, a yellow, fast, +0-mag September Epsilon Perseid, streaked from Auriga into Gemini. After some weaker Sporadic meteors, a fast, red, +1-mag Sporadic, flared up near the double cluster in Perseus. At 23:35 UT, a white, +2-mag Antihelion, glided into Perseus, making it the last meteor of the hour.

In the third hour, the steady Sporadic rates continued with 9 mostly faint meteors. Also, a +5-mag Aurigid, and a +5-mag September Epsilon Perseid were seen. 2 meteors from the Antihelion region were also observed, among them a nice, white, slow moving meteor in Pegasus. With this, another night with good observing conditions and nice meteor activity had come to an end, and I could enjoy a couple of hours of sleep before going to work this Tuesday morning.

A total of 35 meteors were seen during 3 hours of observation. Among these were: 24 SPO, 4 ANT, 2 AUR, 3 SPE, and 2 CCY.

Observed showers:

Aurigids (206 AUR)

September Epsilon Perseids (208 SPE)

Chi Cygnids (757 CCY)

Antihelion source (ANT)

21:45 – 22:45. Teff: 1.00, F: 1.00, Lm: 6.19. RA: 0.00, DEC: +60

SPO: 8 meteors. +0, +2, +3(2), +4(3), +5

SPE: 1 meteor. +4

AUR: 1 meteor. +0

CCY: 2 meteors. +2, +5

ANT: 1 meteor. +2

22:45 – 23:45. Teff: 1.00, F: 1.00, Lm: 6.23, RA: 15, DEC: +60

SPO: 7 meteors. +1, +3, +4(2), +5(2), +6

SPE: 1 meteor. +0

AUR: 0 meteors.

CCY: 0 meteors

ANT: 1 meteor. +2

23:45 – 00:55. Teff: 1.00 (10 minutes break), F: 1.00, Lm: 6.23, RA: 30, DEC: +60

SPO: 9 meteors. +2, +3(2), +4(4), +5, +6

SPE: 1 meteor. +5

AUR: 1 meteor. +5

CCY: 0 meteors.

ANT: 2 meteors. +1, +4