On the evening of January 29th 2022 at 19:57 IST = 14:27 UT as members Narendra Gor aka “Sagar” of the local astronomy group StarGazing India and his assistant Rahim were setting up a telescope for an astronomy workshop usually conducted for students and tourists at the Rann Utsav desert festival, they were treated to the glorious sight of a NNW bound bolide streaking and exploding low on the horizon.

Narendra shared a skymap screenshot off his cellphone indicating the rough trajectory of what he had just witnessed, a meteor flying from the constellation of Auriga through Camelopardalis.

The Rann Utsav festival organized by the government of Gujarat offers tented accommodation for tourists. After informing the Indian AstroEnthusiasts WhatsApp group, Narendra checked for footage of the bolide on the CCTV camera recorders at the event and found 2 clips to share. Clip 1 ^ bears an OSD stating the camera’s coverage area as “C4”. Narendra obtained an azimuth reading from that camera using a compass application and found it was pointed North. GPS coordinates on that screenshot reveal it’s location coordinates as 23°48’0″N 69°30’18″E.

From the image of the CCTV camera mounted on a pole and the coordinates provided one can figure it’s placement and FOV. The camera is centered at azimuth 0° and the luminous trail stretches from azimuth 9.9° to azimuth 334°.

Rann Utsav festival on google maps


Clip 2 (Cluster C8 to 5) seems to be taken from a camera on the next pole at 23°47’58.4″N 69°30’17.4″E which seems to be centered at azimuth 33° which shows a luminous trail between azimuth 20° to 341°.

Videos captured across the Indian border in Pakistan
Clip 3
Exclusive Video by Fahad Ali Khan. Location: Airforce officer housing society opposite Malir cantonment, Karachi, Pakistan.

z-stack for clip 3

This twitter link says Location: Airforce officer housing society opposite Malir cantonment.
I believe they made a mistake and it’s actually AFOHS New Malir
Sector 44 Gulzar E Hijri Scheme 33, Karachi,

Actual probable location

With inputs from 3 camera captures the start – end points look like this


StarGazing India website

StarGazing India Youtube Channel

Narendra Gor setting up

The Rann Utsav Festival site

More info will be added as and when it is available.