15-8-2021: Perseid meteor outburst 2021 | Meteor News
15-8-2021: last update ZHR based on radio observations, thanks to Hiroshi Agawa and Hirofumi Sugimoto.
14-8-2021: new updated ZHR based on radio observations, thanks to Hiroshi Agawa and Hirofumi Sugimoto.

Just in: Canadian meteor observer Pierre Martin just observed a strong Perseid outburst. He reported to the author:

“I just witnessed very strong Perseids activity Aug 13/14 06-09 UT. Multiples Perseids per minute with many bursts. Sometimes 3-4 in a second. Much busier than previous night but I had a great sky mag 6.7.
Was this an unexpected outburst? I’ve never seen so many Perseids a full day after the normal peak. I think the rate might have been as high as 300/hr but I’ll know more when I listen to the tape. Average brightness, perhaps a bit below average. There was a very large number of mag 4 and 5 meteors but still good numbers of +1s and 0s. Brightest we’re -3″.
Pierre did his observations from Westmeath Lookout, a dark site 80 km northwest of Ottawa, Canada.

This is also a call for observations! Please sent them to the author: k.miskotte@upcmail.nl

Confirmation comes from radiodata. See:

Hiroshi Ogawa and Hirofumi Sugimoto noted these results are tentative values. The final results will be announced around 20th August.

The Latest Information of Perseids 2021 | IPRMO

Stay tuned for updates!


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