Mathematical Modelling of Meteoroid Streams

By Galina Ryabova

ISBN 978-3-030-51509-6, 1st edition 2020, VIII, 68 p. 16 illus., 8 illus. in color.
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Modern computer power and high-precision observational data have greatly improved the reliability of meteoroid stream models. At present, scientific research calls for two kinds of models: precise ones for individual streams, and statistically averaged ones for Solar System dust distribution models. Thus, there is a wide field of study open to stream modellers.
This brief describes step-by-step computer simulations of meteoroid stream formation and evolution. Detailed derivations of relevant formulae are given, along with plenty of helpful, digestible figures explaining the subtleties of the method. Each theoretical section ends with examples aimed to help readers practice and master the material.
Most of the examples are based on the Geminid meteoroid stream model, which has been developed by the author in the last 30 years. The book is intended for researchers interested in meteor astronomy and mathematical modelling, and it is also accessible to physics and astrophysics students.

Table of contents (6 chapters)

  • Introduction (Pages 1-5)
  • Initial Stage: The Model Stream Generation (Pages 7-15)
  • The Model Stream Evolution (Pages 17-28)
  • The End Stage: The Model Stream Now (Pages 29-35)
  • Visualization of the Results (Pages 37-45)
  • Application to Real Streams (Pages 47-48)

About the author: Galina Ryabova is a Principal Researcher and Professor at Tomsk State University. Her scientific interests are mathematical modelling of meteoroid streams and interrelations in asteroid-comet-meteoroid complex. She developed a mathematical model of the Geminid meteoroid stream — one of the three existing stream models.