In the wee hours of May 20th 2020 03:36 BRT = 06:36 UTC 9 cameras belonging to the dedicated observers of Brazilian Climaaovivo, SONEAR and Bramon networks were graced by the capture of this majestic meteor.
Preliminary analysis from the triangulation of the captures indicate a trajectory that started at a height of 111 Km over the municipality of Varginha, going South to North at a velocity of about 28.74 Km/s (103,500 Km/h ) until it fragmented at a height of 22.3 km North of the municipality of Formiga, in Minas Gerais.
The meteor was classified as a sporadic (not associated with any known meteor shower). The causal meteoroid would have had a very inclined orbit of 51.2 degrees with respect to the ecliptic plane, with a perihelion distance of 0.8 AU and a semimajor axis of 1.37 AU.
Ground track and suggested orbit here are preliminary and subject to refinement.
These beautiful captures are credited to;
1) Cristóvão Jacques – SONEAR’s allsky camera in Oliveira, MG.
2) Welter Mesquita – BRAMON in Oliveira, station WMV1/MG (06:36 UT)
3) Ivan Soares – BRAMON in Patos de Minas, station IDS1/MG
4) 7 Climaaovivo cameras in Piumhi – MG, Lagoa da Prata – MG, Oliveira – MG, Carmo da Mata – MG, Morro Agudo – SP, Araçoiaba da Serra – SP and Rio Bonito – RJ.
Keep up the good work and enthusiasm folks and thank you for the lovely capture and science.

Original article By Marcelo Zurita

Huge Meteor Illuminate Night in Minas Gerais, Brazil


Preliminary trajectory – credit Bramon

Preliminary meteoroid orbit – credit Bramon