Clear nights have been yielding 30-40 coincident meteors each night for the past week. Attached is a map of CAMS-Florida ground tracks that show 26 coincident meteors from the night of 30-31 May 2019.

Of interest is the bolide at 09:21:21 UT seen by four cameras: CAMS 234 & 5000 (Gainesville), CAMS 5020 (College of Central Florida), and CAMS 233 (Florida Institute of Technology). Traveling in a northwesterly direction, the meteor’s duration was slightly more than 1/2 second. It popped into view at 110 km altitude and then disappeared at 79 km.

The object had perihelion barely inside earth’s orbit and aphelion just inside Jupiter’s orbit; evidently, it belonged to the Jupiter family of comets & debris with inclination i = 144 degrees (i.e., retrograde orbit). The meteoroid encountered earth at 63.2 km/sec. UFOOrbit makes it possible to do these calculations using CAMS data.

The main CAMS web page lists each night’s coincident events with meteor radiants plotted on the celestial sphere.

J. Andreas (Andy) Howell
Coordinator, CAMS-Florida, USA