The low-cost Raspberry Pi based meteor camera (project link: LINK) located in Elginfield, Ontario, Canada observed the 2018 Draconid outburst in short time window from 00:30 to 01:30 UTC, after which the site was clouded out.

In that period, 124 meteors were recorded using a 3.6 mm f/0.95 lens and a IMX291 based camera. This setup achieved a stellar limiting magnitude beyond +6M at 25 FPS, and the field of view was 87×45 deg.

The figure above shows the stack of detected Draconids in that short period of time, figure 1 shows one FTP compressed image with 3 Draconids (the Milky Way and Deneb are in the centre of the image), and figure 2 shows the real-time video reconstruction of these three meteors.

Finally, figure 3 shows a stack of 344 Draconids recorded from Hum, Croatia with the same setup as the one described above, but over a period of the whole night. The camera was pointing towards south west.

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Figure 1. Three Draconids recorded around 00:49:51 UTC on October 09, 2018. Credit: Denis Vida, Michael Mazur

3 Draconids GIF
Figure 2. Real-time video reconstruction of the three Draconids shown in figure 1. Credit: Denis Vida, Michael Mazur

Figure 3. Draconids outburst as observed from Hum, Croatia. Credit: Aleksandar Merlak