Month: November 2021

Meteor Activity Outlook for 27 November-3 December 2021

During this period, the moon reaches its last quarter phase on Saturday November 27. At that time the moon will rise near 23:00 (on Nov. 26). This weekend the morning sky will be bathed in moonlight from the half-illuminated moon. If your sky is transparent, successful meteor observations can be undertaken under such circumstances. It helps to face a direction opposite the moonlight in order to sustain your night vision. As the week progresses the moon becomes less of a nuisance as its phase wanes, and it rises later in the morning with each passing night.

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October 2021 report CAMS BeNeLux

Abstract: A summary of the activity of the CAMS BeNeLux network during the month of October 2021 is presented. October 2021 had several clear nights and long-lasting clear spells at many other nights. A total of 51696 meteors...

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